The tape making window sealing child’s play is available right now.




No need for time- and cost- intensive window installations! Allow us to introduce a new innovative development, our Winflex TriSave, to you - the new tape for effortless window sealing.

Winflex TriSave is a high quality combination product for sealing abutment joints on windows and doors fast and reliably. Due to the special structure, only a single operation is required for installation, which is also more time- and cost-effective.

The so-called “screw channel” is another decisive advantage of this sealing system.
This screw channel ensures hassle-free screwing down of the windows, since material no longer snags the screw.

Optimally complement this system with our Winflex® TriSave Sill, which is optimally suited for the window abutment in the sill area.

Our new Winflex TriSave system allows you to save up to 80% in terms of time and cost compared to conventional window sealing systems.

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