3) Fasatan TFS is a soft elastic single component adhesive sealant. Fasatan TFS has an early resistance to water and vulcanises to a soft elastic, rubber-like plastic in the presence of atmospheric moisture. This material has an excellent resistance to the weather and to chemicals. Fasatan TFS is free of solvents, isocyanate, silicone and PCP and exhibits extremely low shrinkage.

4) Flexible, yet robust – these are briefly the special demands made on wipers for snow ploughs.

The association of experts for real estate, construction and the environment confirms the outstanding product characteristics of Winflex TriSave and includes it in its list of recommended construction products!


BOSIG participated in the 12th Villas Equipment building trade fair in Shanghai from the 17th to 20th of August. Together with our Chinese partner, we introduced trade specialists to innovative sealing and insulation systems for window and façade abutment.

The tape making window sealing child’s play is available right now.