NF La ola

Noiseflex® La Ola MH und PU

Noiseflex® La ola are sound absorbing knobbly surfaces made of Basotect® or PU-foam and, like pyramid foams and flat foams, are used for reverberation reduction.



Technical features:
Standard dimensions: 1000 x 500 x 20/30/40/50/70/100 mm


  • Achieves high absorption values
  • As PU-foam the FMVSS 302 requirements are met
  • As an MH-foam the B1 requirements are met
  • Also available coloured as an MH version
Luftschall e B1 eFarben edgnbFMVSS 302 e
  PU-Foam          MH-Foam           MH-Foam            MH-Foam                                 



technical data sheet  Noiseflex® La Ola MH und PU

OEKO-TEX® Certificate Noiseflex MH of melamin resin in white and grey

Processing Instructions Noiseflex® - self-adhesive Products

Application notes on the gluing of Noiseflex PU / MH