EPDM 60, EPDM 120 und Microlen-PE

EPDM 60, EPDM 120 und Microlen-PE are closed, fine - celled foams, which can be used in many different scenarios. They have good mechanical properties and have a good degree of ageing resistance. EPDM 60, EPDM 120 und Microlen-PE are offten used in machine and plant construction, either as a sealing material or for noise reduction.


Characteristics :
Standat dimensions: customisable to meet your requirements*

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  • Outstanding noise reduction properties
  • Very good mechanical characteristics
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Compliant with VDI 6022, Sheet 1 provisions



technical data sheet Microlen

technical data sheet Microlen B1

technical data sheet Microlen PE50S

technical data sheet EPDM 60

technical data sheet  EPDM