Sponge rubber

Our sponge rubber convinces through its numerous application possibilities and provides both firmness and elasticity as well as abrasion resistance. Sponge rubber can be produced to meet any of your requirements. We sell spheres for cleaning pipework of any type, rollers as pressure rollers in various machines and of course blanks for industrial use

Options: customisable to meet your requirements*

Our consultans are happy to advise you on all of our options.


  • Extremely elastic, deformable and compressible
  • Good abrasion characteristic and high degree of absorption
  • Heat resistant up to +70 °C
  • Tensile strength : 0,-15 -  1,2N/mm² depending on sponge type
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in many different thicknesses and pore structures




Pipeform Broschüre


Technische Merkblätter


Schwammgummi - Wasseraufnahme
Raumgewichtsklasse 160
Schwammgummi B33 - sehr fein, RGK 160
Schwammgummi B41 - mittel, RGK 160
Schwammgummi B50 - mittel, RGK 160
Schwammgummi B42 - grob, RGK 160
Raumgewichtsklasse 200
Schwammgummi B46 - fein, RGK 200
Schwammgummi B49 - gelb, mittel, RGK 200
Schwammgummi B84 - mittel, RGK 200
Raumgewichtsklasse 250
Schwammgummi B52 - sehr fein, RGK 250
Schwammgummi B52 -grün, fein, RGK 270
Schwammgummi B44 - fein, RGK 250
Schwammgummi B53 - mittel, RGK 250
Raumgewichtsklasse 300
Schwammgummi B68 - fein, RGK 300
Raumgewichtsklasse 350
Schwammgummi B75 - fein, RGK 350
Raumgewichtsklasse 500
Schwammgummi B64 - fein, RGK 500
Raumgewichtsklasse 600
Schwammgummi B64 - fein, RGK 600



Zellkautschuk EPDM schwarz
Zellkautschuk EPDM 60 schwarz
Zellkautschuk NR grün
Zellkautschuk NR schwarz
Zellkautschuk XVA schwarz