Winflex Trisave

Winflex® Trisave eco - Active joint drying with variable diffusion behaviour

The multifunctional tape Winflex® TriSave eco is a pre-compressed, specially impregnated connection tape for the sealing, heat and sound insulation of connecting joints in windows and external doors. The product fulfills all requirements for an airtight and driving rain proof sealing. It is heat and sound insulating on the inside and inhibits vapour. Winflex® TriSave eco is reliable and easy to process.

Technical features:
Sizes to suit installation depths of: 60/70/80 mm*

                                                              *special dimensions are available on request.

  • Extremely cost-efficient, easy, quick and durable sealing
  • Airtight and usable on both sides
  • Heat-insulating
  • Very good sound insulation
  • Very good for plastering or painting over
  • Variable diffusion for Inside and Outside use
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technical data sheet  Winflex® TriSave Eco

technical data sheet Winflex® TriSave Eco Brüstung