Soziales Engagement


Social engagement

Supporting social or cultural sporting events and activities is a long-standing tradition at BOSIG. In the name of Corporate Social Responsibility, the BOSIG Group is involved in a diversity of projects locally and globally.

Many social or cultural events or sport can no longer be financed without commercial corporate support. The resolve to become engaged is determined primarily by the association with the BOSIG company and our identification with the implementation and benefit of a project.

BOSIG classifies this into donations and into sponsoring of sports or events. The objective here is to find a balance with corporate activity and also to strengthen the company brand in the region of the locations.






SC Geislingen

The last bus was purchased for the Club in 1999 - it is time now to find new transport for the players. This bus transports all the SC Geislingen disciplines, be it football or wrestling, to games and tournaments.

BOSIG GmbH has been supporting youth work in clubs for many years. Clubs offer security and a counterbalance to the often stressful daily routine. Interaction in a club supports the social development of young people. But public monies for youth work are drying up. This is why we are supporting the acquisition of a new tour bus for the SC Geislingen.

And we wish you enjoyable trips.


sc geislingen
sc geislingen1
sc geislingen
sc geislingen1



Hospice in the Landkreis Göppingen e.V.

BOSIG GmbH welcomed altogether 50 participants in the charity cycling tour for the “Hospiz im Landkreis Göppingen e.V.” [hospice in the region Göppingen] on 3 August 2010. Led by the member of the Bundestag for the Göppingen region, Klaus Riegert, and gymnastics legend Eberhard Gienger, the participants found warmth and sustenance in the BOSIG GmbH rooms, with the weather outside a typically drizzly “Fritz Walter Wetter“, where they were also able to learn much of interest around the topics of insulating, sealing and refurbishing.

Committed to the good cause, the participants in the regional cycling tour visited selected companies in the Göppingen region. BOSIG GmbH is part of the action this year and thus in the group of supporting organisations – and contributing towards the success of this good cause with enthusiasm. On the occasion of welcoming the participants, BOSIG GmbH also had the privilege of welcoming the Gingen mayor, Mr. Marius Hick.

Eberhard Gienger and Klaus Riegert were presented with the new BOSIG cycling jersey as a memento of the visit, which they immediately tried on and wore. The present immediately proved its worth on the bicycles in the wet and cold weather.

In an entertaining introduction to the programme, the participants and even the former world gymnastics champion Eberhard Gienger were quite amazed by the knowledge of the BOSIG staff, also in their private capacity, on the topic of artistic gymnastics.

After many interesting discussions covering sport, social commitment and innovative products, the participants bade farewell in order to collect further contributions to the good cause.


Tour de Hospiz 2013 044
Tour de Hospiz 2013 158
Tour de Hospiz 2013 168


Akustik im Kindergarten

Planning of room acoustics always has the same objective: Guiding of sound reflections and stopping, limiting or improving sound propagation.
The BOSIG GmbH objectives for acoustic renovation are to improve communication, improve speech intelligibility and concentration and to create zones of privacy, the realisation of which is continuously enhanced through the introduction of new products.

Verbal communication is especially difficult in inadequately renovated nursery schools!
This is because excessive reverberation triggers a constant volume increase in communication as the number of persons in a room increases.
Apart from the minders, the children are particularly vulnerable to this.
This may become unpleasant after a length of time, not only to the minders but also to the children, and may even lead to illness.

With the acoustic renovation of the cafeteria of the Kinderhaus Christkönig in Göppingen, BOSIG GmbH had the task of significantly reducing reverberation in the room.
Because the reverberation time of 0.89 s is very high, especially for a nursery school.
Reverberation time is defined as the interval in time during which the sound pressure in a room reduces to 0.1 percent of its initial value after the source of the sound is abruptly cut.
The reverberation time of 0.89 s was almost halved after installation of our Noiseflex® Cube MH product. The value of 0.55 s improves on even the optimal range of 0.6-0.8 s for reverberation time.
The acoustic climate in the room has clearly improved after the reduction of reverberation, especially by the increased reduction at base frequencies.
The particularly appealing design of the cubes also improves the visual impact of the room.

The appealing design has improved not only the reverberation time, but also the interior design. Manufacture of the product in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 guarantees the health compatibility of Noiseflex® Cube MH.

Even the installation was a huge source of fun to the kids and the end result was applauded not only by the children!


Kindergarten Christkoenig
Kindergarten Christkoenig1
Kindergarten Christkoenig
Kindergarten Christkoenig1


Technikfreunde e.V. association

The Technikfreunde Elsterwerda e.V. are dedicating a lot of time and leisure to the conservation of technical cultural assets, especially trucks and motor cycles from GDR era. The association runs the programme on its own initiative and regularly presents its achievements at local and national exhibitions.
BOSIG supports the association since it is of local significance to many company staff. We also regard it as important to keep alive the technical joys of a time all too quickly forgotten.