Bituplast AW

Bituplast® AW - The tape that will keep you dry.

Bituplast AW by BOSIG is a bituminous sealing foil with excellent mechanical properties. It is used for sealing building plinths and wherever sealing against soil moisture in areas in contact with the soil is required, pursuant to DIN 18195, Part 4.


Given careful application, Bituplast AW will offer you reliable and economical sealing of your building for generations to come. Bituplast AW may have a multiply split cover foil for easier application (roll widths up to 350 mm).

technical features:
Standard dimensions: available in widths from 30 - 1000 mm


  • Multiply slit cover foil possible
  • Particularly pliable
  • Immediate bonding and waterproof
  • Full-surface self-adhesive
  • Meets DIN 18195 requirements
  • Workable down to -10°C
  • Also adheres to moist substrates
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Laying Instructions Bituplast AW

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