Acoustic panels, Sound absorbers, Acoustic pictures & more | Acoustic elements with effect

Our products in this product range, such as acoustic panels, acoustic pictures or sound absorbers, are manufactured individually and entirely according to your ideas and requirements.

Conference rooms, open-plan offices or even just the small office, the nursery and the school - the needs and demands on the room and the background noise could not be more different.

Acoustic panels, acoustic pictures or sound insulation panels - i.e. sound absorbers - can also be used as individual elements as well as in combination of several elements.

Design of acoustic panels & others

A partition wall for acoustics or even just an acoustic picture must be able to be integrated into the room, sometimes discreetly, sometimes in a way that stands out.

Our acoustic elements are available in colour, as a combination of elements or with an individual photo print:

Acoustics for the eye that combine functionality and ambience.

We create a pleasant, acoustic feel-good climate with the highest demands on design and aesthetics.

Product Category

Areas of application for acoustic panels, sound absorbers & others

Soundproofing and room acoustic elements such as acoustic walls, acoustic screens and also sound-absorbing partition walls and panels offer first-class functions on ceilings, walls and rooms. BOSIG acoustic elements ensure a pleasant noise climate in living, working and recreation rooms.

Even large production and industrial halls can be improved in terms of noise with acoustic elements and sound absorbers.

Feel-good room acoustics with sound absorbers

Acoustic panels on the ceiling or sound-absorbing foam in partition walls / ceiling canopies achieve an optimal acoustic improvement for rooms and in rooms.

Everywhere where people meet, talk, work and live. 

BOSIG acoustic pictures and acoustic panels reduce background noise and are a decorative eye-catcher that absorbs sound waves and vibrations. A process that leads to a measurable improvement in room acoustics.

Procedure | Acoustic pictures & acoustic elements

In order to obtain an optimal result for the room acoustics, we measure your premises acoustically. The results of this measurement, taking into account the intended use of the room and the individual wishes of the customer, enable us to develop an acoustic room concept tailored to your premises.

Our products acoustic pictures, acoustic panels, sound insulation panels and sound absorbers are taken into account and will be optimally planned in the developed room concept.

Design meets function | Acoustic products with visual effect

We carry a large selection of different fabrics in different colours, for all wall absorbers and acoustic furniture. Our sound absorbers can also be individually produced in different motifs and sizes.

This is an advantage that opens up endless possibilities for you as a customer in terms of acoustically optimised room design. A room design entirely according to your ideas.



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