Sound insulation solutions

visually appealing acoustic elements

Our acoustics products will be individually tailored to meet the requirements of your space. Individual or combined elements, printed in a colour or with a photo motif, will enhance your interior. An acoustic and visual highlight in your interior décor!

Thereby we achieve our common goal: Creating a pleasant climate of acoustic comfort to satisfy top demands of design and aesthetics.

Areas of Application

BOSIG elements designed for noise protection and room acoustics, suitable for ceilings, walls and rooms, will ensure pleasant acoustic conditions in living, working and recreational areas, also in production and industrial halls.

Sound absorber elements ensure pleasant room acoustics. Ceiling canopies or ceiling-mounted foam to absorb sound will optimally enhance the acoustics in rooms.

BOSIG acoustic images or wall panels: Decorative eyecatchers to reduce background noise by absorbing sound waves and oscillations.

Product Category

We will perform acoustic measurements in your rooms to ensure optimal results. The measurement results will enable us to develop a spatial acoustic concept taking into account the characteristics of your spaces and your specific requirements.

BOSIG can offer acoustic furniture and wall absorbers in a wide range of materials and colours. Individually shaped sound absorbers with motifs may be produced in various sizes to suit your interior design concepts.



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