Acoustic measurements

Acoustic measurement of reverberation time and noise level

We measure your rooms acoustically


In spacious, modern rooms with large glass and concrete surfaces, the room acoustics are often poor.

The smooth and hard surfaces reflect sound that is generated several times by devices or conversations in the room, causing them to reverberate for a long time. In rooms with a long reverberation time, there is an increased and disturbing noise nuisance, especially in living, working and recreational areas.

Noiseflex® Classic MH

What now? Correctly placed and selected sound absorbers provide a remedy and at the same time visually enhance the affected rooms. In order to achieve an optimal result, we measure your rooms acoustically. The results of the measurement, taking into account the type of use of the room and your customer's wishes, enable us to develop an acoustic room concept tailored to your premises.

Sound absorbers from our Noiseflex® product line are arranged at the most effective points in the room to prevent some of the disturbing sound reflections, thus noticeably reducing the reverberation time and the noise level.

In this way, we achieve our common goal: to create a pleasant, acoustic feel-good climate while meeting the highest standards of design and aesthetics.


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