Phonotherm cuts

Technical Requirements

Materials with excellent properties

Are you looking for a materials with excellent mechanical values such as compressive strength, screw extraction and bending strength? Do you want to use conventional woodworking machines and carbide-tipped woodworking tools for processing? 

The material should be water-resistant and have sound and heat insulating properties?

Then you need our Phonotherm®

Your advantages

  • Easy processing with conventional woodworking machines and carbide-tipped woodworking tools: drilling, sawing, milling,  grinding, screwing and much more
  • acid and chemical resistant
  • breathable/permeable to water vapour
  • easy coating of plates and moulded parts e.g. with aluminium, HPL, CPL, foils or with liquid coatings
  • available in various formats and panel thicknesses to suit requirements
  • production waste is recyclable
  • High mechanical load capacity
  • durable and stable in value
  • suitable for versatile use and creative solutions

Firetherm® fire protection board

Do you need a high-quality building materials with excellent properties, ideal for flooring systems, fire protection applications, partition walls, sound-proof cladding and much more? Firetherm® fire protection boards are cement-bounded particleboards, consisting of wood, cement, water and hydration additives.

In this case, you can rely on the Firetherm® fire protection board. 

The most important advantages of the Firetherm® fire protection panel:

Firetherm® fire protection panels combine the advantages of wood and cement. They are lighter than conventional cement-fibre boards. Compared to OSB or gypsum plasterboard, they have better mechanical strength and excellent weather and frost resistance.

  • Environmental friendliness
  • flame retardancy
  • moisture resistance
  • frost resistance
  • good sound insulation
  • insignificant moisture swelling
  • mould resistance
  • good workability


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