Showroom for room acoustics products

Inspirations - Experience room acoustics products

In the showroom for our room acoustics products you will find inspiring photos of applications for room acoustics solutions from BOSIG.

Noiseflex® Pentagon in the AMPLITOOD recording studio

Optics, design, functionality - spectacularly combined in ART Acoustics by BOSIG:

A perfectly interlocking geometric honeycomb system creates the spectacular mural in the AMPLITOOD recording studio.

Noiseflex® Cover

Clear contours, refined surfaces, 3D effects: the play of heights and depths - this is what a contemporary and at the same time functional wall and ceiling design with Noiseflex® Cover by BOSIG looks like.

Noiseflex® Home Office Kits

BOSIG Home-Office-Kits – Peace and focus whenever and wherever you need it!

Imagine your small BOSIG office, which gives you some ease and shielding amidst the hustle and bustle.

Noiseflex® Trennwand L

Noiseflex® Partion Wall L is a high-quality partition wall for the acoustical shielding.

Noiseflex® Picture Plus

Noiseflex® Picture Plus are sound-absorbing wall pictures with acoustic filling, which you can have individually printed with your own pictures, motifs, logos, etc.

The printed fabric is clipped into the frame by means of a piping and can be replaced at any time.

Noiseflex® Cube

Noiseflex® Cubes are sound absorbers of Noiseflex® MH with a fabric cover.

These sound absorbers tend to be used primarily in Kindergartens and schools but also in high ceilinged spaces such as stairwells and production halls. They are extremely light, quick to install and to move.

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