Room acoustics, vibration absorption, insulation | Industry solutions from BOSIG

Window and Façade construction

Window connection seals that are made according to standard regulations as system solutions for sealing buildings are the claim that we at BOSIG want to meet to provide an increasing energy efficiency.

Whether high-quality sealing options, coordinated product solutions or long-lasting and high material resistance, the area of window and façade construction is covered individually and yet optimally.

Sound Insulation and Room Acoustics

Acoustic room dividers for mobile or fixed installation, provide an adapted and relaxed background noise.

In public areas, in schools, kindergartens, open-plan offices and also in home offices, a quiet background noise is a prerequisite for effective work and good speech intelligibility.

Timber Construction

Environmentally friendly construction with wood is not only suitable for energy savers and friends of the environment. Wood as a material has many good properties, but it must also be protected by professional sealing.

If the building envelope is inadequately sealed, moisture and further damage will form very quickly.

BOSIG offers systematic sealing options for constructive and structural wood protection and an effective moisture barrier.

Mechanical Engineering and Construction

Noise protection for soundproof cabins, insulation for soundproofing and vibration absorption, acoustic foams for machine enclosures - BOSIG offers foams for a wide range of your applications.

Balcony and Roof Technology

Balconies improve the quality of living and the feeling of being alive. Fresh air and a view of the outdoors allow you to experience nature.

Our roof sealants are considered water-repellent and yet open to diffusion, which provides ventilation and heat regulation.

Ridge tapes, adhesive tapes for roof sealing and also balcony panels are part of the product range here.

Automotive Engineering/ Transportation

Sealing materials and foams from BOSIG provide optimum insulation for motorhomes and campers against heat and cold and prevent harmful condensation.

Foams of different quality, cuts and applications ensure an individual solution in the field of vehicle construction and transportation.

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