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Sound-absorbing ceiling sails or sound absorbers made of foam mounted on the ceiling

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Who does not know the situation: The disturbing potential of noise and loud background noise. The memory performance diminishes with time and concentrated work is hardly possible. Headaches are not long in coming.

Sound-absorbing ceiling sails or sound absorbers out of foam mounted on the ceiling are ideal for the acoustic renovation of rooms.

They absorb a large part of the sound waves in the room, which reduces the reverberation and noise level permanently. With equipment tailored to the room, you can thus create a pleasant acoustic feel-good climate in business and private rooms.

Why is the installation of sound absorbing products on the ceiling particularly suitable?

Walls and ceiling are sound-reflecting surfaces where sound waves are refracted and reflected back into the room. As the ceiling usually offers the largest free area in the room, it is particularly suitable for the installation of sound absorbing elements. Depending on the requirements and product, these are attached directly to the ceiling or to height-adjustable wire ropes.

An acoustic and optical highlight for your interior design!

Our acoustic products are individually matched to the room according to your requirements. Single elements or combination of elements, coloured or printed with a photo motif - enhance your rooms!

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