Constructive solutions for the sanitary section

When common materials like wood, plastic or metal reach their limits

Phonotherm® 200 Panel

When common materials like wood, plastic or metal reach their limits, you should rely on Phonotherm®. 

The Phonotherm® 200 panel offers exactly what you need for your constructive solution and in a quality that can stand up to any comparison.

With Phonotherm® 200 you insulate, construct and fix with ease, even in extreme situations. Our modern CNC machining centre produces precisely fitting moulded parts for your special applications.

Selection of properties

  • 100% water- resistant
  • rot resistant and non-rotting
  • easy processing with conventional woodworking machines
  • optimum insulation properties compared to other materials
  • acid and chemical resistance
  • breathable/permeable to water vapour

Phonotherm® 800 - The decoupling plate

Phonotherm® 800 is ideal for improving footfall sound and for decoupling critical substrates at different construction heights. As a supplementary product, you can obtain our Aquastop [link], the suitable surface sealing membrane for sealing under ceramic tiles and natural stone using the thin-bed laying. Just ask us, we will be happy to advise you.

application examples

    • edgings  for wet and humid room doors
    • decoupling plates


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