Accessories for our acoustic products

Frames and Suspensions

Fixation and installation of our acoustic products

Do you have questions about the mounting and installation of our acoustic products for ceilings and walls?

Do you need help in creating your acoustic image with our do-it-yourself kit?


BOSIG uses high-quality aluminium frames for the acoustic images, which are cut to size to suit the customer. Frames are available in several depths and configurations, suitable for a wide range of applications. The frame elements are also available as a kit in oversized sizes. 


BOSIG offers the right suspension for almost every application of our products. From wire spirals and hooks with safety catch to our height-adjustable suspension system.

The following suspension systems are available:

  • insulation dowels
  • wire spirals
  • fastening hooks with safety catch
  • height-adjustable suspension
  • ropes nylon/wire


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