Sound insulation

Sound Insulation/Noise Reduction

The direct insulation of the noise source and vibration damping is the best way to reduce the sound propagation in industrial and machine halls. As a result, the sound is already absorbed to a large extent at the source and spreads less in the room.

Small areas at the noise source must be equipped with sound-reducing materials, if one compares the areas on the ceiling and walls required for sound absorption.

Vibrations due to jolting, shocks, impacts etc. are the cause of unwanted noise and mechanical stress. Especially on sensitive machines and instruments it is therefore necessary to dampen the causal vibrations. Dampers absorb vibrations by converting kinetic energy into thermal energy, thus reducing noise and mechanical stress.

Vibration and shock absorbing materials such as polyurethane or polyethylene foams are ideal for use in technical areas. Foam rubber or cellular rubber or combination products are also used as vibration damping materials.

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