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Window and Façade Construction

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Air tightness, thermal insulation and weather protection

In construction, everything revolves around the topic of energy efficiency and compliance with the requirements of the GEG.

Where leaks and cold bridges in window profiles and glazing used to cause draughts and energy losses, insulating glazing and insulated window profiles are now providing a complete service.

As a manufacturer and supplier of building products, BOSIG faces the challenge every day:
How can we protect the building structure even better from damage, meet the high demands of energy efficiency and at the same time ensure a pleasant indoor climate through a closed building envelope? 

The focus is therefore: An optimal window and façade connection according to the RAL installation principle "tighter inside than outside", in accordance with the state of the art technology. Damage caused by moisture and mould, draughts and thermal bridges are thus a thing of the past. Professionals rely on high quality material from BOSIG in construction.


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