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Motif selection for your individual acoustic picture


Picture production and images

In our picture production, we have been working for many years with image material from Adobe Stock, a provider of licence-free image material.

Here you are able to choose a picture motif, buy it and then we will produce your individual acoustic picture from it via one of our specialist trade partners.

The registration is very easy and the payment via PayPal allows an immediate download of the purchased pictures.

The picture  selection is not expensive. You can get  pictures taken by professional photographers for only a few Euros. If you need help with registration, we will of course be happy to assist you.

You purchase a licence to use the image material directly from Adobe Stock, and BOSIG does not invoice you.

When selecting your image motifs, please ensure that you choose a sufficient resolution. It should be at least 7-10 MP (megapixels) at a resolution of 300 dpi. This way we can offer you our best possible quality.


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