Abdichtungstechnik Fenster- und Fassadenbau

Energy-saving sealing technology for windows & façades

BOSIG - system solutions for energy-saving sealing technology

Protect the building structure even better from damage

In order to be able to protect the building structure even better from damage, we develop system solutions for an energy-saving sealing technology. Whether EPDM sealing foils, multifunctional tapes, joint sealing tapes for windows and for sealing connection joints or the sealing of rear-ventilated system façades - we meet high demands and energy efficiency.

A pleasant indoor climate, satisfied customers and partners and a constant further development of our services are the goals we set ourselves every day.

We see ourselves as a manufacturer and developer of system solutions of energy-saving sealing techniques for an intelligent building envelope

The sealing of rear-ventilated system façades, connection joints, the sealing tape for windows and the other developed product solutions ensure a wide range of application areas.

We also offer a versatile range of BOSIG special products for the areas of refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology as well as areas in automotive engineering, sealing technology in sanitary and electrical installations or in mechanical and plant engineering.

System facades

Sealing of ventilated system façades & more

The sealing of rear-ventilated system façades is just as much a part of the BOSIG product range as other sealing techniques for the most diverse areas of application. The sealing of windows with joint sealing tapes, the insulation of pipelines, sealing solutions and sealing techniques for timber construction, building openings and the venting of pitched roofs

successfully round off the broad spectrum of our product range.

With these sealing techniques, we not only ensure energy-saving sealing of building components / living spaces -  we even cover sealing against penetrating moisture in the ground or other stressed building components with the appropriate solutions.

Fugentechnik – Fugendichtband Fenster & Anschlussfugen abdichten

Our joint sealing tapes, EPDM foils, multi-functional tapes and, of course, the joint sealing tape window belong to this sealing technique / the sealing techniques. After new construction, conversion or even energy-efficient renovation / refurbishment, thermal bridges can be optimally and effectively eliminated with our sealing technology products

Our joint sealing tapes from the Combband® product range, as well as the multi-functional tapes and EPDM foils from the Fasatan® and Fasatyl® series, offer a qualitative and tested possibility for this.

Our butyl tapes in various designs are also part of the energy-saving sealing technology. These include repair and sealing tapes as well as adhesive tapes for airtight bonding.

As a supplement to the sealing technology (window sealing tapes) in the window and façade area and for thermal separation, our Phontherm® 200 blanks, which are made up according to your specifications, are also suitable for sealing on windows. Round foam profiles backfill structural joints in all common concrete structures in accordance with standards.

Sealing technology - accessories and service

In order to be able to achieve an effective and energy-saving sealing technique, we at BOSIG offer a wide range of accessories and useful products.

We provide our customers with a system-tested adhesive for bonding flashings to the building or connecting them to other materials.

Even difficult-to-reach and highly stressed installation situations can be optimally handled with the BOSIG system adhesives for reliant connections.

Furthermore, our BOSIG product range offers ready-to-use primers and undercoats for adhesion and easy processing. These accessories in combination with our energy-saving sealing techniques for windows, façades and doors ensure the desired success in sustainable joint sealing / the execution of demanding connection work.


Consulting on individual sealing techniques, joint sealing tapes for windows, doors and system façades

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