XPS hard foam board

XPS hard foam board


Our XPS-hard foam board self-adhesive guarantees a fast and full-surface bonding for composite systems with thermal insulation. The adhesive is a modified acrylate adhesive, which is characterised by very high adhesive strength even on difficult surfaces. 

These XPS rigid foam panels ensure optimum insulation in façades and roofs, swimming pools and sanitary facilities, floors and basements. For quick installation, we offer 3 variants of our XPS rigid foam panels: non-self-adhesive, self-adhesive on one side, self-adhesive on both sides.

Customer benefits

Features are

  • homogenous
  • closed-cell
  • highly pressure-resistant and elastic
  • water-repellent
  • non-ageing and non-rotting

Product Information

Property Data Notes
Material: extruded polystyrene foam
Format: 3000 x 1000 mm Additional dimensions and cutouts are available on request.
Thicknesses: 8 mm/ 9 mm/ 20 mm/ 21 mm/ 22 mm/ 24 mm/ 26 mm/ 28 mm/ 30 mm/ 40 mm and thicknesses that can be glued from it.


Technical Information XPS rigid foam board, self-adhesive [PDF - 56 kB]

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