Foam Engineering

Noise-reducing measures


Direct attenuation of noise at source and damping of vibrations is the best way to reduce the propagation of noise in industrial and machine halls.

Sponges to clean sensitive surfaces or for tiling applications will lend reliable support throughout your project.

Foams are lightweight yet also highly resistant to shock and impact. Ideal properties of packaging used for protection and transport of highly sensitive and expensive products.

Areas of Application

Vibration and shock damping materials such as polyurethane and polyethylene foams are excellent solutions to technical challenges. Foam rubber and cellular rubber or combinations of products are also used as materials to damp oscillation.

We will produce suitcases, foam and sorting inlays and protective packaging for transportation, storage and presentation of your products on our modern CNC milling and cutting machines.

Foams are widely used: in roofing, as filters, in vehicles and machinery.

Processing Method

We will use vertical cutting to produce contours in accordance with your drawing. We can produce more than just round or square profiles of course. Depending on material quality and machine tolerances, we will also produce your specific profiles, including 3D foam parts.

Foams from small to large can be adapted to meet your specifications.

We use our slitting plant to produce single boards down to 4 mm thickness from block material. A high pressure water jet is used to carefully slit the material for manufacture and virtually any shape will be possible with our 3 and 5 axis milling machines.

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