Sound insulation

Sound insulation foam inserts | Cutting foams | Profiles

A product as versatile as its application!

With our special foams, a very fast and direct insulation of the noise source as well as the absorption of vibrations can be achieved.

Sound insulation with/through foam is thus the best way to effectively and measurably reduce sound propagation in industrial and machine halls as well as public facilities.

BOSIG foam inserts protect what is important to you. Your goods, your equipment or your transport.

Cutting foam to size

Our foams and foam inserts offer a very wide range of applications from crafts to industry and hobby use.

Whether foam cutting for sound insulation, foam inserts for packaging, self-adhesive foam or in the application with e.g. sponges for the cleaning of sensitive surfaces in the application in the tiling trade - due to its low weight and the extreme impact and tear resistance, the foam is ideally suited for protective and transport packaging in the area of even highly sensitive and high-priced products.

Areas of Application

Our foam is often used in the area of vehicles, machines, but also buildings.

Foams and their processing

"Cutting foam" is only an umbrella term for the actual processing methods that we - BOSIG GmbH - use in the field of foam processing.

Foam profiles, foam inserts or also sound insulation with foam naturally require individual sizes, dimensions and demands. We offer foam cuts, we split the foam, separate by means of water jets, punch foam inserts, mill and laminate.

Foam materials and their processing

Individual requirements through professional foam cutting

Based on your individual drawing supplied in advance, we can cut out and deliver exactly the required contour by means of a vertical cut. Our foam profiles can of course not only be produced in round or square profiles.

Depending on the material quality and machine tolerances, it is possible to produce the desired profile from foam.

Almost all desired and required individual foam inserts and foam profiles can be produced in 3-D foam parts.

Foam inserts - individual production from small to large

 "We cut foam to size using large splitting machines, in which individual sheets with a minimum thickness of 4 millimetres are split out of block material.

Water jet cutting of foam is more filigree and detailed. Here, the material to be processed is gently separated by means of a high-pressure water jet.

With our 3- and 5-axis milling machines, foams can be processed into almost any conceivable shape.

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