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Pitched roof accessories

Pitched roof accessories from BOSIG


We leave nothing to chance. A carefully coordinated roof structure provides long-term protection against all weathers. When it comes to our own property, we often give a lot of thought to design issues.

With its shape and colour, the roof has a decisive influence on the character of a property. It is not only an important optical element, but must also meet the highest demands in terms of functionality. 

It is already exposed to enormous temperature fluctuations within a day. Added to this are the seasons and increasing weather extremes, such as storms and heavy rain.

We make sure that you enjoy your roof for a long time. That is why we offer you individual services and practical system solutions with our extensive product range. We develop and produce ridge and hip rolls as well as chimney and wall flashings in various qualities and colours, that are always to the highest standard. 

Our BOSIG roof products provide the necessary ventilation of the roof and at the same time prevent the penetration of moisture from the outside. Without a functioning ventilation system, the risk of moisture and the associated formation of mould in uninsulated attics or in the roof structure increases. 

Our products are particularly characterised by simple, uncomplicated processing as well as high tear resistance, and at the same time offer lasting protection against the weather and animal damage.

We at BOSIG are not just specialist consultants, but we develop innovative solutions and find the right product for your individual installation situation. Because we understand architects, builders and fabricators.


  • Permanent ventilation of the ridge and hip area on pitched roofs
  • Sealing of connection joints on steep roof penetrating and rising components, e.g. chimney / wall / parapet connections 
  • Connections on sloping roofs, such as chimneys or walls
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