Cutting - we can produce the desired shape

Cutting of raw blocks, cutting of plates

Processing Method

Vertical Cutting

By means of vertical cutting we can produce the desired shape according to your drawing. Vertical cutting always requires an incision in the material to bring the knife into the required position. In order to protect the shape and to avoid cuts by the knife, we can produce these shapes also with our water jet machine or by milling.

Materials that have been previously provided with a self-adhesive coating at the customer's request can then also be cut into the appropriate shape.  

Horizontal Cutting

Of course, not only round or square profiles can be produced. Depending on material, quality and machine tolerances, it is possible to produce your profiles and even 3D foam parts.


Cuttable materials are

  • Sponge rubber
  • EPDM
  • PE-material
  • PU- foams (Ether and Ester)
  • Rebound foam
  • Hydro foam
  • Melamine resin foam
  • Various foam types, e.g. sponges for tilers or sponges for cleaning
  • Foams with skin
  • Self-adhesive foam material
  • Combined products
  • Nonwoven/Fleece

Application Examples

  • Backer Rods/Round Profiles
  • Sponges
  • Insulation for the automotive sector
  • Rectangular foam cuts
  • Roof elements
  • Wedges


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