Abdichtungstechnik Fenster- und Fassadenbau

Sealing products for the optimum connection to the building structure

Sealing, insulation and adhesive solutions for the connection area

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In this section you will find sealing solutions for the optimal connection to the building structure.

Among them sealing, insulation and adhesive solutions for the connection area of building components, but also for interior fittings. Whether for use in construction or industrial technology - the right BOSIG solution can be found for numerous applications.

The product overview shows only a part of the entire BOSIG product range. The sizes listed are also only our standard sizes, but we have a wide range of other sizes in our range.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or send us an email. We make almost everything possible and work out a plan with you to realise your ideas.

You can see, we are already very strong in the standard range, but our real strength is found in individually developed product variants.


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