Winflex® TFS

Winflex® TFS

The adhesive for the professional


Winflex® TFS is a soft elasticity, single component adhesive and sealant. Winflex® TFS is resistant to early morning condensation and is vulcanised by air humidity to form a soft elastic, rubbery adhesive. Winflex® TFS has excellent weathering- and chemical-proofing characteristics and excellent bonding characteristics on all common construction surfaces.

Customer benefits

  • Excellent bonding, without primer
  • Outstanding workability characteristics
  • Substrate tolerance smoothing
  • Good weather and water proofing characteristics
  • Solvent free

Field of application

Winflex® TFS is suitable for the elastic bonding of Winflex® internal / external and Winflex® Vario in internal and external areas.

  • for the bonding of our window jointing strips Winflex® internal / external and Winflex® Vario, type A in reveals
  • as seam paste for all our window jointing strips
  • for the bonding of rebates, mitres and overlaps
  • for bonding of construction components made from plaster, natural stone, aluminium, steel, zinc, copper, glass, wood, MDF, tiles, ceramic among each other or on solid mineral subsurfaces.

Product Information

Property Data Notes
Colour white
Delivery in 600 ml tubular bag


Technical Information Winflex® TFS [PDF - 288 kB]

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