Raw Blocks

Standard Dimensions

Extremely elastic, deformable and compressible

sponge rubber

BOSIG produces soft-elastic sponge rubber with an open-cell pore structure. The raw material blocks are manufactured from natural rubber under the strictest quality controls. 

Thanks to the high-tech machines and the unique know-how of our employees, we are able to produce the raw blocks in all imaginable colours. 

Depending on customer requirements and acceptance, we also offer custom-made products.

Our aim is to offer our customers the widest possible range of the product and thus to serve them in the best possible way.

Technical Features

  • Extremely elastic, deformable and compressible
  • Good abrasion behaviour and high absorbency
  • Wide range of cell structure
  • Flammable, heat resistant on request
  • Resistance to acids, alkalis, oils and greases
  • Tear strength zwischen 350 % und 600 %
  • Ultimate elongation zwischen 10 und 60 N/cm²
  • Resistance to cold  bis -40 °C
  • Heat resistance bis +80 °C
  • Universal range of application
  • Density and porosity

The density of all our sponge rubber products is calculated in kilogrammes per cubic meter. The most common densities range is from 160 kg/m³ up to 600kg/m³. Depending on customer's requirements, we can specifically adjust the required density and manufacture the appropriate product. 

The porosities of our products range vary from extra fine to extra coarse.  We try to respond to special customer requirements and to achieve the requested porosity.


Sponge rubber is mostly represented on the market today in the colour orange. However, we can offer a variety that varies from white to black. 

Through close cooperation with our suppliers, we are able to meet almost every colour request of our customers.


  • 1.270 x 800 mm
  • 2.100 x 920 mm
  • 1.820 x 920 mm 

The height depends on format and density and is between 50 and 200 mm.


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