Foam tape - Combband 600

Compressed Combband® sealing tapes for primary sealing

of directly ventilated joints and connections

Product Group

Pre-compressed joint sealing tapes of the Combband® product range from BOSIG are used for primary sealing of directly ventilated joints and connections.

In addition to sealing against wind, dust and spray water, they also provide sound and heat insulation. This immediately reduces energy costs and preserves the value of the building structure.

We offer solutions for wide joints and particularly demanding joint constructions, e.g. in buildings, for joints with larger tolerances and in buildings where greater resistance to external influences is required. Practical in the processing on site, also appropriate installation aids by means of self-adhesive coating.

For the different stress groups and expansion ranges, BOSIG offers 3 different Combband types, always the right tape for your application.


Pre-compressed Tapes Tapes

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