Noiseflex® partition wall L


Peace and concentration where you need it!

Whether at your desk or in the middle of the room - quiet and concentration always and whenever you need it.

Do you like to work in a home office or at another mobile workplace? Is the open-plan office your preferred workplace?

Then noise anddistraction are an undesirable but unfortunately often present adversary for your concentration and productivity.

Our solutions: acoustic room dividers & acoustic partitions, mobile or fixed.

To provide the necessary peace and quiet at your mobile workplace, we can improve the situation of disturbing noise with our acoustic partitions or mobile partitions. Quickly and flexibly, the mobile workplace and/or desk in an open-plan office can be converted into an oasis with a pleasant working atmosphere.

The hustle and bustle of an open-plan office or the noise of everyday family life in a home office can be pleasantly and yet effectively shielded by these acoustic partitions and room dividers - undisturbed but right in the middle of it all.

Acoustic partition or desk partition

Especially in today's offices or open-plan offices, employees sit directly opposite each other, desk to desk. A circumstance that often means the end of concentrated work.

Our special acoustic partition walls as a room divider or just the desk partition walls for a space-saving application prevent the penetration of sound.

If employees sit opposite each other and have an acoustic partition between them to absorb sound, nothing stands in the way of concentrated and undisturbed work, as the sound does not penetrate through to them.

Partition walls for desks and acoustics

With just a few simple steps, little effort and manageable resources, BOSIG acoustic partition walls can achieve and prove clearly measurable success.

Ensure that the spoken word remains behind the partition wall at workplaces or other areas where nothing should leak out. Acoustic partitions and/or acoustic room dividers offer a little of the pleasure of the individual office in the everyday business of an open-plan office.

Partition Wall Systems

Acoustic partition and customer benefits

Acoustic partition wall - Noiseflex® partition wall S model:

  • meets fire protection class B1
  • offers individual fabric design
  • acoustic partition wall with excellent acoustical properties
  • elegant partition design
  • desk partition / acoustic partition offers easy and also subsequent assembly
  • replaceable fabric covering

Areas of application of an acoustic partition

The mobile acoustic partition is considered to be an excellent absorber with a shielding function from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside. It protects the user and the environment.

The partition walls are made and suitable for areas such as:

  • offices and administrative buildings
  • open-plan offices
  • shops
  • call centres with a lot of verbal traffic
  • banks and insurance companies
Installation options for the (mobile) acoustic and desk partition (Noiseflex® partition S or L)
  • the table absorber can easily be mounted with screw clamps / polyester fleece clamps
  • the acoustic partition wall as a movable wall is securely set up using aluminium or PET feet
  • our product - the acoustic baffle - is attached with suspensions (several systems ).



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