Fabrics, Textures and Motifs


BOSIG offers a selection of fabrics in various colours for acoustic furniture and wall absorbers. Wall and ceiling absorbers can also be coloured or laminated with various fabrics in different textures, e.g. felt. 

The acoustic images of the Noiseflex® product line can also be provided with a high-quality upholstery fabric or printed individually - with your desired motif.

Fabric coverings

  • Camira Xtreme
  • Camira Château
  • Camira Nexus
  • Absorber panels with felt

fabric samples

fabric sample card Synergy [PDF - 2 MB]

fabric sample card Blazer Light [PDF - 1 MB]

fabric sample card Xtreme [PDF - 795 kB]

fabric sample card Blazer [PDF - 1 MB]

Stoffmusterkarte Chateau [PDF - 301 kB]

Stoffmusterkarte Noiseflex® Pigmento - PG1 [PDF - 422 kB]

suitable products

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