Sealflex® moulded sealing parts made of of our EPDM building sealing foils Fasatan® and Fasatyl®

The perfect addition to our EPDM building sealing foils

Sealflex® moulded sealing parts made of EPDM

Sealflex® moulded parts are the perfect detailed solution for sealing applications in the field of constructio,

  • as system components in the façade and around windows and doors,
  • as sealing systems beneath windowsills and as threshold sealing systems,
  • ...

BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH wins the Brandenburg Future Prize


BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH wins the Brandenburg Future Prize

BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH, has won the prestigious Brandenburg Future Prize, which recognises our pioneering innovations and outstanding achievements in the areas of sustainability and progress.

Megaslider Songe rubber with FDA approval

with letter and seal!

Elastoform® sponge rubber from BOSIG with current FDA approval

FDA approval in accordance with Directive 21 CFR 177.2600 confirms that our sponge rubber qualities are safe for contact with food. With the latest formulations and ingredients, including blowing agents, which are REACH-compliant - everything for your safety.

Close-up of the laminator: BOSIG laminates foams | acoustic foams

Applications for technology, industry and room acoustics.

Foam lamination

By laminating a wide variety of carrier materials (foams MH, PU, PE etc.) with a large selection of layer materials (PU, aluminium, textile etc.), numerous application possibilities arise.

Our strengths? We create innovative system and acoustic solutions for industry, craftwork and construction

Industry Solutions

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The BOSIG China booth at the 24th China Housing Exhibition 2024 in Beijing, China

China Housing Exhibition 2024

BOSIG China was an exhibitor at the 21st China Housing Exhibition 2024 in Beijing, China. With Winflex®, Fasatan®, Combband®, Phonotherm® 200, Alubutyl and other products "Made in Germany", BOSIG presented the sealing solutions for sustainable, energy-efficient construction and renovation.

We would like to thank the organisers, all conference participants and interested visitors!


Banner mit dem Schriftzug: Wir sind Klimaschützer. Gemeinsam mit  Interzero vermeiden wir Treibhausgase und schonen Primärresourcen.

BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH - Together for climate protection

In a pioneering collaboration with Interzero. BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH are actively committed to climate protection. Our common goal is to avoid greenhouse gases and conserve primary resources. This partnership is an important step in our endeavour to develop and implement sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.


A roll of Fasatyl® Optima es for outdoor use – with a plaster-ready non-woven coating on one side and a full-surface BOSIG High-Tack self-adhesive coating on the other

Fasatan / Fasatyl Optima es

Fasatan® Optima es for outside use and Fasatyl® Optima es for inside use are the EPDM sealing films with plaster-ready non-woven coating.

Thanks to the special non-woven coating on the film surface, Fasatan® Optima es for outside use and Fasatyl® Optima es for inside use can be plastered, painted and bonded over with hydraulically setting adhesive systems.


Safety training at BOSIG at a rolling mill in sponge rubber production with a lifelike dummy

safety in sponge rubber production

Equipped for emergencies: In order to sensitise our employees to the hazards at our company's own rolling mills in our sponge rubber production and to demonstrate the correct behaviour in risk situations, our machine operators and production foremen have completed a practical safety training.


Location Gingen

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Quality Motto

The BOSIG quality motto for 2024 is:

"Quality pays wages!

We are all working together to create your quality product.

Our quality management and all employees ensure that all gears mesh together!"

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