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Elastomer technology

BOSIG produces sponge rubber raw blocks with different specific weight, quality (porosity) and colour.

Our Application Technology Department will, on request and in cooperation with you, develop your specific sponge rubber mixes.

The Gingen facility produces cuts, rollers and balls for a wide range of applications in the building and beverage industry, including vacuum technology.

Individual, functional and aesthetic

Soundproofing and acoustics

Whether for living, work or recreation facilities, in engineering or industry, our acoustics products will be individually tailored to meet your requirements.

This is how we reach our common goal:
We will reduce disturbing noise and create an optimal living, work and production locations.

Product solutions for

Foam technology

BOSIG produces and finishes numerous types of foam – from polyurethane and polyethene via melamine resin foam and down to cellular rubber – for technical applications in the fields of automobiles/transportation, building and machinery and plant construction.

Sound insulating or sound-absorbing? Insulating? Heat- or water-resistant? Reducing vibration?

Developement of customised solutions

Sealing technology

We are here to respond to your daily challenges and to develop customised solutions.

How can we protect structures from damage even better, meet the high demands for energy efficiency and simultaneously offer a pleasant indoor climate?

By intelligent building envelopes. 

But our BOSIG products are popular not only in the building industry. They are used in many other areas such as refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation, also automobiles, machinery and plant construction.

The material with top properties

Board technology

Rely on Phonotherm® when conventional materials such as wood, plastic or metal have reached their limits.

Be it as basic or construction profiles, as decoupling boards or for curtain wall installations. Phonotherm® is an all-rounder in the building trade. 

The areas of application are manifold:
Decoupling of critical substrates, thermal isolation of different materials, base of prefabricated houses, and so much more!


Industry Solutions

Latest News

Fire in Elsterwerda – Force Majeure

We regret to inform you that on 08.08.2020, the granulate conveyor system in a section of our Phonotherm production site in Elsterwerda was destroyed by a major fire.
Due to this unforeseeable event, for which we were not responsible, we declare that we are currently unable to meet our contractual obligations (force majeure).

Foam Expo 2020 in Stuttgart

Take the opportunity to have a face-to-face interview with us at the the Foam Expo in Stuttgart.
BOSIG GmbH, as a manufacturer an converter of various elastomers and soft foams,will be represented again this year at the Foam Expo 2020 in Stuttgart to convince you with our performance.

Banner for the Gingen tennis club

BOSIG is donating an advertising Banner for the Gingen tennis club youth.
The sponsored banner will now display the opportunities, inviting all local and interested kids and youth and their families to discover what tennis is all about.
BOSIG is delighted about the opportunity to in this way support the diverse youth work of the tennis club.

Basotect free of pollutants

Basotect free of pollutants - only available at BOSIG!
Our soft foam Noiseflex MH white (Basotect B) and grey (Basotect G+) is currently being awarded with the OEKO-TEX pollutant certificate.

The BOSIG catalogue 2020 is now available

In the catalogue you will find new products as well as the well-tried ones.
If you have any questions about dimensions, areas of application or technical features, please contact our competent team of the internal sales department - by phone, fax or e-mail.


Location Gingen

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Quality Motto

The 2020 BOSIG Quality Motto is

“Today we improve on yesterday. Better by the day.”

All machinery, processes, products and people are part of our company, BOSIG. We are striving towards ongoing improvement.

Events 2020/2021

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