name sponsor of the new BOSIG-Hohensteinhalle

Mayor Marius Hick and Managing Director Harry Leichmann at the signing of the naming sponsorship agreement for the BOSIG-Hohensteinhalle

All around the world, but home-based in Gingen: BOSIG is the name sponsor of the new BOSIG-Hohensteinhalle.

Together we are strong - the BOSIG-Hohensteinhalle symbolises our close ties to our home region, our strong partnership with the region and its citizens

With the completion of the Hohensteinhalle, we are delighted to support the region in the long term as a name sponsor - 

sport and culture are an important building block of cohesion in our society. The BOSIG-Hohensteinhalle will be a place of togetherness, a place where sport, fun and games, music and dance, celebrations and honours take place. Many of our employees come from Gingen and, as a globally active company, we are all the more proud of our close ties to our home town, which we are supporting with this commitment.

The new BOSIG-Hohensteinhalle presents itself as a

  • versatile,
  • multifunctional and
  • flexible

sports and cultural centre that meets current and future requirements. As a company, we identify with the outstanding features of the BOSIG-Hohensteinhalle. We look to the future with confidence by focussing on quality.

True to our company motto this year, "Quality pays wages".

Quality Motto 2024: Quality pays wages! We are all working together to create your quality product.

Our long partnership with the municipality of Gingen has been of convincing quality in recent years and will continue to be so in the future. The name partnership is designed to last for 10 years. During this time, we will support the municipality with our concentrated corporate strength, officially with our name.

We at BOSIG are convinced that a strong region creates strong companies and strong companies create a strong region - this is what the BOSIG-Hohensteinhalle stands for with its name.

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