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Test certificates, tender texts, etc.

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You have requirements - we have ideas and manufacture the optimum material.

In addition to our standard products, we are happy to work with you to develop customised special solutions. As a fabricator, BOSIG manufactures products in series as well as one-offs.

Many years of experience, fresh ideas and modern machinery make it possible!

tender texts (in german)

Ausschreibungstext Noiseflex® MH [PDF - 106 kB]

Ausschreibungstext Noiseflex® MH Plus [PDF - 106 kB]

Ausschreibungstext Noiseflex® MH Tex [PDF - 108 kB]

Ausschreibungstext Noiseflex® Akustik-Wandpaneel [PDF - 105 kB]

Ausschreibungstext Noiseflex® Canvas [PDF - 110 kB]

Ausschreibungstext Noiseflex® Corpo MH (Zylinder) [PDF - 217 kB]

Ausschreibungstext Noiseflex® Cube [PDF - 111 kB]

Ausschreibungstext Noiseflex® Picture Plus [PDF - 107 kB]

Ausschreibungstext Noiseflex® Quadra [PDF - 107 kB]

Harmful Substances Testing

Many of our acoustic products are certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Unique among these is the OEKO-TEX® certification for the melamine resin foam Noiseflex® Classic MH in our range.

Sound and fire protection

The melamine resin foam Noiseflex® MH from BOSIG is classified as flame-retardant according to the German and European standards.

Various BOSIG foams meet the test criteria of FMVSS 302 and DIN 75200.

Application-oriented solutions

Are you looking for application-related solutions?

Our internal sales team and our application technology department are there to help you with advice and practical support.

Proven quality and innovation: we develop customised solutions based on your requirement specification.

Fabrics, textures and designs

BOSIG offers a wide range of fabrics in different colours for acoustic furniture and wall and ceiling absorbers.

Many of our products can also be dyed, individually printed or laminated with various fabrics of different textures, e.g. felt.

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