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Plate Technology

Materials and product solutions to numerous applications


Boards, cuts or profiles:
Produced to your specifications.

Whether with milling or drilling, almost any geometric shape is possible. Many challenges will be resolved by our products made to a precise fit – be it in the building trade, in vehicle construction, in laboratories or in clinics.


Phonotherm® 200 basic profiles are perfectly suited for thermal insulation and as substitutes for uninsulated plastic profiles. It is used as full boards or in strips for door and gate constructions. The insulation properties will deliver additional benefits. The potential applications are as diverse as the material itself. Outstanding properties to promise you more safety.

Phonotherm® 800 is excellently suited to dampen footstep sounds and to decouple critical substrates under superstructures of varying height.

Our Firetherm® fire protection panel combines the structural properties of wood with the fire-resistant properties of cement. Once again, we will offer you a choice between full panels and cuts – and all this in A2.

For durable balcony and façade designs:
BOSIG will fit your entire balcony with its BALKOTEC® product line.



You are looking for materials with outstanding mechanical properties such as compressive strength, screw withdrawal resistance and bending strength? You need tested characteristics and values you can rely on?
We are fully predictable!

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