Noiseflex® Quadra

Confortable room acoustics through sound absorber elements

Our acoustic products provide aesthetics, functionality and flexibility

Product Group

Well-feeling room acoustics through sound absorber elements in the room

Aesthetics, functionality and flexibility can be excellently combined with our BOSIG products. They appear to the observer as modern style elements and fulfil their function - also in the figurative sense - quietly and secretly:

BOSIG products are:

  • Aesthetic, because they can be individually adapted to your room concept
  • Functional: as they noticeably improve the noise climate in the room
  • Flexible: they can be arranged freely in the room - even retrospectively
Noiseflex® Cube

Pillars and cubes of the Noiseflex® product line reduce noise levels and sound reflections, thus making a significant contribution to improving room acoustics. Put simply, the higher the acoustic pillar, the larger the cube, the higher the number of elements in the room, the larger the absorption surface and consequently the positive effect on the acoustic room climate. In addition to the size and number of elements in the room, the choice of material and arrangement of the elements naturally also have an influence on the acoustic room climate.

Noiseflex® partition wall L

Partition wall systems from our Noiseflex® product line allow for optimal workplace and room design. Adjacent desks and workstations can be acoustically separated by our products to create an optimal working climate. Shielding creates an acoustic and spatial privacy at every workplace, even in open-plan offices. Sound in the immediate vicinity is efficiently insulated and sound spreading to colleagues is captured.


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