Milling for a wide range of material modelling

Individual Shape Cuts

Processing Methods

With our 3 and 5 axis milling machines almost all imaginable shapes can be produced.

Through individual programming, even small quantities, where the production of a tool is not profitable, are possible. 

By means of special material holding systems, the material is held on the milling table in such a way that very precise machining is possible. 

Chamfers and edges on the material, drillings or recesses are the main areas of application and enable a wide range of material modelling.

These materials can be milled excellently:

  • EPDM 60
  • EPDM 120
  • Microlen PE30 (V)
  • Melamine resin
  • PU
  • Phonotherm
  • Wood
  • Rebound Foams Sponge rubber in high density

Application Examples 

  • Vehicle insulation
  • Vacuum seals
  • Cable bushing
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