Visit to BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH

Tour of the production facility for the innovative functional material Phonotherm

Visit of the 11th grade of the Max-Steenbeck-Gymnasium to BOSIG

BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH was delighted to recently welcome Year 11 pupils from Max-Steenbeck-Gymnasium to its production facility for the innovative functional material Phonotherm. The initiative for this informative visit was triggered by an RBB report, which recognized the company's outstanding achievements in the field of groundbreaking innovations, sustainability and progress, with particular reference to its winning the Brandenburg Future Prize.

The pupils were not only given a detailed insight into Phonotherm's production, but were also made aware of the impressive recycling process. Phonotherm is made from waste materials from the polyurethane foam industry, and the company recycles several thousand of these waste materials every year. The result is panels with an amazing life cycle of over 50 years. This pioneering technology not only enables environmentally friendly disposal, but also actively contributes to environmental protection. 

BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH not only emphasizes its commitment to sustainable innovation, but also opens its doors to educational institutions. The company offers company tours for school groups to introduce them to the world of construction plastics and give them an insight into its innovative processes.

We cordially invite interested schools to take advantage of this opportunity and take part in an exclusive tour of the company with their school groups. For further information, please contact BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH directly.

Contact information:

BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH

Roland-Schmid-Straße 1

04910 Elsterwerda

Tel.:     03533 700 0

BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH wins the Brandenburg Future Prize

BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH wins the Brandenburg Future Prize for pioneering innovation and sustainability

BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH, located in Elsterwerda, has won the prestigious Brandenburg Future Prize - the most important business award in the state of Brandenburg, which recognises our pioneering innovations and outstanding achievements in the areas of sustainability and progress.

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