Brandenburg Future Prize

BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH wins the Brandenburg Future Prize for pioneering innovation and sustainability

BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH, located in Elsterwerda, has won the prestigious Brandenburg Future Prize - the most important business award in the state of Brandenburg, which recognises our pioneering innovations and outstanding achievements in the areas of sustainability and progress.

This Future Prize is more than just an award. It is confirmation of our long-standing endeavours to pursue innovative paths and at the same time to treat our environment responsibly. For over 30 years, BOSIG Baukunststoffe GmbH has been a leading company in the development of innovative system solutions for industry, trade and construction. What once began as a two-man operation in a rural area has developed into a successful medium-sized company with regional significance that not only offers jobs, but also makes a significant contribution to promoting the circular economy.

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