Sealflex® moulded sealing parts made of Fasatan® and Fasatyl®


Sealflex® moulded parts made of our EPDM building sealing foils Fasatan® and Fasatyl® are the perfect detailed solution for sealing applications in the field of construction.

They are used:

  • as system components of our Fasatan® and Fasatyl® sealing system in the façade, in metal façade structures, in curtain wall and rear-ventilated façade structures, around windows and doors,
  • as sealing systems beneath windowsills and as threshold sealing systems,
  • as sealing collars for grommets and penetrations of roofing membranes, sarking membranes, façade membranes of wall and roof in timber construction
  • or as system components to establish airtight layers in the interior.

Customer benefits

Sealflex® moulded parts can be adapted individually and exactly to the corresponding project and purpose, according to your shapes and dimensions.

  • Made of EPDM rubber: Extremely robust and durable
  • Reliably tight
  • Individually adaptable to any assembly situation
  • Extremely easy and reliable sealing of critical details
  • Precision-fit manufacturing
  • Time- and cost-saving installation
  • Bitumen-compatible and bitumen-free
  • Airtight and driving-rain proof

Field of application

  • Sealflex® - EPDM moulded parts around the window
  • Sealflex® - EPDM moulded parts for sealing trays beneath windowsills
  • Sealflex® - EPDM moulded parts for plinth and threshold sealing
  • Sealflex® - EPDM moulded parts as sealing collars for penetrations
  • Sealflex® - EPDM moulded parts as detailed sealing solutions in curtain wall, rear-ventilated façades, metal façade structures and post-and-beam façade designs.
  • Sealflex® - EPDM moulded parts as detailed sealing solution for roof and wall, interior and exterior area in timer construction

Product Information

Property Data Notes
Material EPDM rubber Fastan® (breathable) or Fasatyl® (diffusion-proof)
Nominal thickness values 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor Fasatan®: µ = approx. 20 000; Fasatyl®: µ = approx. 140 000
Thermal stability - 30 °C to + 90 °C
Processing temperature / component temperature + 5 °C to + 35 °C; from a component temperature of - 10 °C under specific conditions Our expert advisers are happy to advise you on all of our options.


Technical Information Sealflex®: preformed parts made from EPDM Fasatan® and Fasatyl® [PDF - 523 kB]

Technical Information Sealflex®: sealing collars of EPDM Fasatan® und Fasatyl® [PDF - 387 kB]

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