Flood protection with Fasatan®

Fasatan® rowing boat

Fasatan® the lifeboat for your buildings

Requirements of water impact class W2.1-E are met

Storm, heavy rainfall, flooding and hail, extremely dry and hot conditions – the weather is increasingly getting out of hand. Extreme weather events have almost become phenomena of our everyday life.

Buildings located in areas that are prone to flooding, situated on slopes or near to water are especially exposed to the extreme weather conditions. BOSIG will not leave your building out in the cold

Flood protection with our EPDM foil Fasatan® from BOSIG - Fasatan® reliably seals thresholds of doors and low-lying window apertures.

Drawing of a building that is prone to flooding, the door threshold being below the maximum water level to be expected in the case of flooding (design flood)

A building is located in an area that is prone to flooding. The doorway drawn in at the right-hand side of the building is located below the maximum water level to be expected in the case of flooding (design flood).

In the potential flood scenario, the doorway has to be protected against the ingress of water – with Fasatan®!

Maximum sealing power for thresholds of doors and low-lying window apertures

Photography of a construction site under water

Fasatan® with DIBt approval

Reliable sealing from a foil thickness of as little as 0.8 mm

Fasatan® from a foil thickness of 0.8 mm in combination with our adhesive and sealant Fasatan® TFS meets the requirements of water impact class W2.1-E Impact of pressing water ≤ 3 m depth of immersion in accordance with DIN 18533.

Confirmed by the approval of the German Institute for Structural Engineering in Berlin (general building approval DIBt). Professional sealing with Fasatan® will save you from scenarios like these!

Professional sealing of a door threshold with Fasatan®

Professional sealing with Fasatan® in connection with a backwater- / water pressure-tight door will withstand the ingress of water. 

With Fasatan® your feet will be safe and dry!

Do you have any questions about our product Fasatan®?

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Flyer to Download (in German)

Flyer - Die EPDM-Abdichtungsfolie für den Baukörperanschluss – Nach DIN 18533 [PDF - 4 MB]

Flyer - Sealflex® Formteile für Abdichtungen [PDF - 3 MB]



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