Phonotherm® 800 - 4 mm

Phonotherm® 800 - 4 mm

Decoupling and impact sound insulation board


Phonotherm® 800 is extremely well suited for the improvement of footfall sound and the isolation of critical floor coverings at a very low installation height.

You will receive our Aquastop, the ideal surface sealing membrane for thin layer sealing underneath ceramic tiles and natural stone, as a supplementary product. Just ask – we look forward to advising you.

Customer benefits

Field of application

Phonotherm® 800 – 4 mm is used for decoupling on mineral substrates. It is suitable as a decoupling base for all types of top layers such as ceramic, natural stone, parquet and, after filling, also for carpets and synthetic surfaces. This board can be used on screed, smoothed concrete surfaces and old hard surfaces. 

Besides the restoration of critical substrate, Phonotherm® 800 – 4 mm can be used to reduce considerably the often visually distracting moving joints in rigid surfaces in new buildings

Product Information

Phonotherm® 800 – 4 mm is a 4 mm thick polyester fibre board with high tensile and compressive strength and can be laid in conjunction with conventional adhesives and adhesive mortars and can be used with all types of top surfaces.


Technical Information Phonotherm® 800 - 4 mm [PDF - 118 kB]

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