The tape making window sealing child’s play is available right now.


Basotect®, the melamine resin foam from BASF, is now certified compliant with the Öko-Tex® Standard 100.

Acoustic renovations for the cafeteria, Kinderhaus Christkönig in Göppingen


Planning of room acoustics always has the same objective: Guiding of sound reflections and stopping, limiting or improving sound propagation.
The BOSIG GmbH objectives for acoustic renovation are to improve communication, improve speech intelligibility and concentration and to create zones of privacy, the realisation of which is continuously enhanced through the introduction of new products.

BOSIG GmbH welcomed altogether 50 participants in the charity cycling tour for the “Hospiz im Landkreis Göppingen e.V.” [hospice in the Göppingen region] on 3 August 2010. Led by the member of the Bundestag for the Göppingen region, Klaus Riegert, and gymnastics legend Eberhard Gienger, the participants found warmth and sustenance in the BOSIG GmbH rooms, with the weather outside a typically drizzly “Fritz Walter Wetter“, where they were also able to learn much of interest around the topics of insulating, sealing and refurbishing.