Peter Maffay Foundation

Engagement with acoustical measures

BOSIG partner of the Peter Maffay Foundation

BOSIG is getting engaged with acoustical measures at the Peter Maffay Foundation for traumatised, seriously ill and needy children and young people. 

The Peter Maffay Foundation offers these children and young people therapeutic active and adventure stays. We at BOSIG play a part in ensuring that the children, young people and carers feel comfortable in the Peter Maffay Foundation's facility at Maisinger See, Gut Dietlhofen. 

The acoustics in the children's holiday home at Gut Dietlhofen were not ideal, but after exact measurement and calculation by our acoustics department, the necessary requirements were met so that our BOSIG absorbers for the acoustic feel-good climate were installed in consultation with the responsible people at the Peter Maffay Foundation.

Our Noiseflex® Picture Plus wall pictures in combination with the Noiseflex® Conso ceiling sails now not only ensure perfect acoustics, but are also a real eye-catcher. The Noiseflex® Quadra acoustic pillar also performs as a mobile broadband absorber, which captures very low-pitched sounds.

German brochure BOSIG Partner der Peter Maffay Stiftung

Brochure - Peter Maffay Foundation [PDF - 1 MB]

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