BOSIG SHAPEflex® sealing pads

BOSIG SHAPEflex® precision cut sealing pad

mechanical top shapes and physical properties at the highest level!

Today's façade constructions rely on state-of-the-art window systems. 

But what about the sealing of window systems? What can you do to keep moisture away from places where it is undesirable? BOSIG knows: The best window or façade system is only worth half, if the seal doesn't do a good job! The seal must be perfectly adapted to the respective frames.

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Modern technology for precise manufacturing processes

We are able to individually adapt these sealing pads made of EPDM cellular rubber or PE-Microlen to a wide variety of shapes and requirements.

We don't care whether they are round, square, simple or complicated. We manufacture your cuts accurately to size according to your drawings.


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