TriSave special

Winflex® TriSave special

The multifunctional tape that meets BG1 & BG R

Our new Winflex® TriSave special is excellently suited for primary sealing of gaps and joints according to the principle of “ inside seal better than outside seal”.

Winflex® TriSave special is a top quality combined product, which is used for secure and fast sealing of window and façade connection joints.
The pre-compressed and especially impregnated polyurethane foam will get back to its former thickness inside the joint, will therefore secure a proper sealing, and it will also adjust to movements in the building.

These are the features that make our Winflex® TriSave special:

  • Meets DIN 18542 BG1/BG R
  • Thermal insulation λ = 0,046 W/(m·K)
  • Airtight acc. to DIN 41081 part 7
  • Flame retardant - fire behavior acc. to DIN 4102-B1
  • Heavy rain proof ≥600 Pa
  • Sound reduction index in joint RST, w = 58 dB
  • Only one single working step is required

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