PE Foam profiles

PE Foam profiles


PE Grey is a polyethylene foamed material with a reliably closed-cellular structure, developed and manufactured as expanded polyethylene round profile. The good characteristics of expanded polyethylene, e. g. high elasticity and flexibility in combination with its cylindrical shape and the closed skin, confer PE Grey with the properties required for its design use and applications in expansion joints, as depth limiting, as a perfect support for sealants. Therefore PE Grey is the ideal material for using as back filling in joint sealing between the same or different building materials.

PE Grey is a closed cell back filling material for joint sealing. PE Grey is not water sucking when processed competent and rotproof by humidity.

So PE Grey fulfils the technical requirements of back filling materials for joint sealing to DIN 18540 and to NF DTU 44.1 as well as the requirements of RAL-quality association for back filling materials for sealing of window and outer door connecting joints with joint sealing materials and the requirements for back filling materials.

Customer benefits

The shaping of expansion joints in the construction must be carried out in accordance with DIN 18 540. PE Grey meets these DIN standards. As a back filling material, the product must have characteristics that avoid three-sided bonding, do not impair the sealing material and do not absorb water.

When inserting the profile into joint shaping, it is necessary that the profile is by about 25 % compressed and then pushed with a blunt object without sharp edges until it is placed in the required depth. The product shall not be in contact with any sharp objects as the surface could otherwise be damaged.

Once inserted PE Grey presents a concave shape for simple placement of the corresponding joint sealing material.

PE Grey is produced in a standard round profile of 6 to 50 mm thickness. In diameters 15, 20, 25, and 30 mm, PE Grey round profiles are also available with an inside hole. Special profiles produced from technical drawings can also be made, e.g. hollow chamber profiles and foam tubing.

Field of application

  • as back filling material in joint sealing in general
  • in glazing in connecting joints to windows and doors
  • exterior joints in facades, interior joints in kitchen and bathroom, joints in prefabricated panels, joints in pavement
  • water tight buildings, water tight joints in dam walls, water tight joints in water reservoirs in general


Technical Information PE Grey [PDF - 136 kB]

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