Noiseflex® Freestyle

Noiseflex® Freestyle


Noiseflex® Freestyle are very individually designed sound absorbers. 

Regardless of what design or foam quality you require, we will collaborate with you to work out a solution. 

We own a large amount of machinery, which enables to produce virtually any type of contour and surface treatment.

Customer benefits

  • Can be customised to meet your individual requirements
  • Available in many foam grades

Field of application

That sound absorption in corners and edges of rooms is normally very effective, in particular at low frequencies is fact among acousticians. 

Noiseflex® Freestyle absorbers MH are broadband absorbers, which use these effects to produce an improvement of room acoustics mainly at low frequencies. These acoustic advantages of Noiseflex® MH are behind the many applications of Noiseflex® absorber MH in the field, especially in sound studios, HiFi range, open plan offices, production and multipurpose halls as well as event venues. 

Noiseflex® Freestyle absorber MH, if properly applied, is capable of drastically reducing sound level and reverberation time in halls, for instance.


Technical Information Noiseflex® Freestyle Alu MH [PDF - 138 kB]

Technical Information Noiseflex® Freestyle corner absorber MH [PDF - 146 kB]

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